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Dedicate more time to your patients and staff.

From appointment scheduling to customized templates based on the practice needs,  Team Chart Concept (TCC) showcases vigorous features and rapid data access for a great range of disciplines. 

Do you have a mix of disciplines (e.g. educational staff, mental health, medical staff, administration) and need the ability store and document records electronically? We can do that!

The TCC software is customizable to help you work smarter. We at Ulrich Medical Concepts (UMC) believe TCC can greatly impact your workflow.

Ulrich has recently partnered with Bridge to elevate healthcare technology focusing on user experience.

Bridge, a cutting-edge patient engagement technology vendor and creator of the BridgeInteract patient engagement platform, and Ulrich, a leading healthcare software solution provider renowned for its Team Chart Concept (TCC) product, have forged a strategic partnership to optimize healthcare technology for efficiency and ease-of-use. A vital aspect of this collaboration is the shared commitment to enhancing the user experience for healthcare providers and patients, ensuring that technology is powerful but also user-friendly and intuitive.

In an era where technology plays a pivotal role in healthcare, the partnership between Bridge and Ulrich aims to bring about a paradigm shift in the user experience. By meeting patients where they want to be met—with all the tools they need to participate in their healthcare journey easily accessible and usable on their mobile devices—Bridge and Ulrich aim to drive patient engagement and reduce the administrative burden on providers.

Full Featured, ARRA Certified

ARRA certified, Team Chart Concept (TCC) is a full-featured suite, including electronic health records, practice management, high-level clinical data and interoperability.  Nurse Practitioners and providers are able to streamline back-end operations, engage patients, supervise financial and clinical outcomes and interface with other facilities.

We put the 'team' in charting.

For over two decades Ulrich Medical Concepts (UMC) has focused on developing its Team Chart Concepts (TCC) software with our clients’ needs and goals in mind.  Employees at UMC are focused on achieving greatness and success together with their clients.

Many providers and nurse practitioners turn to TCC because of the team support they receive every step of the way. 

TCC can especially meet the needs of nurse practitioners from appointment scheduling to customized templates based on the practice needs to billing support. Our billing team can help you get the proper reimbursment you deserve for your services. 

The TCC software was designed for physicians by physicians— and is customizable to help you work smarter. We believe TCC can greatly impact your practice.

TCC showcases vigorous features and rapid clinical data access for a great range of disciplines, including:  primary care, internal medicine, dermatology, OB/GYN and general surgery. Customizable to your practice, TCC allows nurse practitioners and providers to dedicate more time to patients.

We provide our customers with exceptional service, along with leading health information technology solutions. Our customers look to UMC experts for excellent support—resulting in high productivity and success.  When you have questions, we have the answers, providing continuous support.


UMC’s EHR is the first in the United States to establish connectivity to a cancer registry. We can also provide bi-directional connectivity to lab vendors so sending lab orders and receiving lab results can all be done in the same software.


Get the maximum incentive available and avoid penalties by using our full-featured software. TCC has the education and tools to help nurse practioners and physicians attest for Meaningful Use.


Nurse Practitioners and physicians rely on UMC for our superior EHR and excellent support. Our proactive, highly skilled team provides training, technical support and education. We want to be your successful long-term partner.


We’re an innovative team of software visionaries committed to crafting solutions that are tailored to meet and exceed each customer’s expectation of success and prosperity. The success of our nurse practitioners and providers is our success.

The EHR: Philosophy

At Ulrich Medical Concepts (UMC), we believe in electronic health records (EHR). We believe that a well-designed, implemented and fully utilized EHR can result in:

  • higher revenues
  • more efficient workflow
  • a higher standard of care, and
  • improve staff morale


Whether you want to spend more time focusing on your patients, reduce your medical billing errors and increase revenue, or need an EHR/practice management software, we’ll develop a strategic plan that will drive your practice.

Our approach is to share our healthcare management expertise, helping your practice reach its full potential. You will build collaborative relationships with our consultants, who are dedicated to the success of your office.

Implementation of a new system can be challenging, but our expert trainers will guide you through the entire process. Offering personalized attention, you will be assigned a project manager… one point of contact.

Even after the training, you’re going to have questions and we have the answers.  At Ulrich Medical Concepts (UMC), our support team stands ready to offer customers the attention they deserve.

What People are Saying

"We are so glad we decided to entrust our billing to Ulrich Medical. We had our best year ever with Ulrich Medical doing the billing! Thank you for all you do."
Surgery Center
“The power and flexibility of the system is truly impressive. Your staff—without exception—is top notch. We found everyone to be well informed, patient, and eager to assist. You’re a friendly and professional group and we look forward to a long relationship.”
Family Practice
“"Patient engagement is at the heart of our mission at Bridge. Through this partnership with Ulrich, we are committed to providing a seamless and user-friendly patient experience, removing hurdles, and ensuring that technology empowers patients and providers alike,"
“TCC has been instrumental in conserving valuable time and space dedicated to documentation and maintenance of medical records… The customized templates give us the advantage of consistency as well as speed which leads to greater quality of care and education for our patients.”
“In a busy practice, you have to look up things constantly and it’s a nightmare locating paper charts. TCC simplifies everything – all of the information is right in front of you. You don’t have to search for it and more than one person can be in the patient chart at a time.”
Office Manager

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