Team Chart Concept (TCC) provides EHR, medical billing, practice management and health information exchange (HIE) solutions for ambulatory solo-practitioners, mid-sized clinics and hospital-based groups. A 2015 certified software, TCC is a robust application designed from the beginning by doctors, nurses and billing specialists to serve their needs first and foremost. TCC can improve your bottom line, your approach to medical documentation, and perhaps your quality of life.

Integrated Workflow

With TCC you have the ability to organize all workflow routines by department for rapid access from the desktop. No need to waste time digging through layers of menus and dialog boxes to find what you need to do. It’s all right there on the desktop.

With TCC, integrated workflow is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Intuitive Ribbon Interface

Much like the Microsoft Office suite of products, TCC sports a ribbon based interface. TCC’s ribbon turns every user into a power user, allowing rapid access to just the information you need right when you need it.

Patient Flow

With TCC, every user in the medical practice can easily monitor and update patient flow within the office. Every user will know where every patient and provider is currently located. The status of every location (e.g. waiting room, exam room) is always known. Time spent at each location is also known for each patient in real time. Summary reports can be ran to assess wait times, flow bottlenecks, and resource utilization.


TCC offers an extremely vigorous and flexible template system for rapid data entry. Ulrich Medical will customize templates to mimic the provider’s documentation style. Of course, the provider can then further customize his/her templates further if desired. In addition to rapidly entering documentation, templates can also drive care by automatically assigning procedure and diagnoses codes, prescribing medications, assigning orders, referrals, and scheduling follow up appointments. Templates can even auto-assign requests to other staff members for such things as blood draws, injections, and any other task that a provider may request of a support staff member.