“From my initial meeting to now, UMC’s professionalism, responsiveness and attention to detail have been impressive.”
– Stephen Randolph, KY ENT

“It’s a lot faster and a lot less expensive in the long run. You don’t have to buy all of the charts; you don’t have to hire the extra person; and when you are on the phone with someone, you don’t have to flip through 50 pages. It’s right there. You just click.”
– Amanda Gourley, CMIS

“Anything I can do to enhance my efficiency and provide me with more time for myself and my family, I want to do. For me, TCC was the answer.” – Danny Butler, M.D., Internal Medicine

“We have used a multitude of reports, of our design, to monitor our clinic for the past five years.

We first extract data from patient histories, lab data, and monitoring devices, to compile custom records for our own patient population. These include kidney function and cardiac risk profiles, which could not obtained by any other method.

We then monitor the clinical outcomes and trends in real time, allowing us to modify our reports… while patients are still in the office.”
– Dennis UIrich, M.D., Family Practice

“In a busy practice, you have to look up things constantly and it’s a nightmare locating paper charts. TCC simplifies everything – all of the information is right in front of you. You don’t have to search for it and more than one person can be in the patient chart at a time.”
– Mark Sexton, RRT Office Manager

“It’s so nice to be able to pull up information when a patient calls. And it’s funny because the patients will say, “Well, don’t you need to get my chart?’ I tell them ‘I’m looking at it; it’s on my screen.’ They don’t expect that. They are used to being placed on hold for five minutes while someone runs and grabs their paper charts.”
– Becky Thomason, Office Manager

“Changing our antiquated billing system over to TCC and moving our practice to an EMR has been the most challenging endeavor our practice has ever attempted.

It was a terribly involved process made more palatable by the friendly, helpful staff at UMC. The ability to deal one-on-one as often as necessary with them is something that I have never seen before in business.

This software and company can help transition any ‘papered’ medical practice into the ‘paperless’ era.”
– Randy Oliver, M.D. Family Practice

“TCC has been instrumental in conserving valuable time and space dedicated to documentation and maintenance of medical records… The customized templates give us the advantage of consistency as well as speed which leads to greater quality of care and education for our patients.” – Evelyn M. Jones, M.D. Dermatologist Practice

“The power and flexibility of the system is truly impressive. Your staff—without exception—is top notch. We found everyone to be well informed, patient, and eager to assist. You’re a friendly and professional group and we look forward to a long relationship.”
– Brian F. Scott, M.D. Family Practice

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“We don’t have to call very often because things seem to go pretty smoothly. But, when we don’t need to call for support, they are very helpful and try to solve the issue immediately. If it’s something that can’t be solved right away, they do it in a timely fashion.”
– Pam Weaver, Office Manager

“My staff and I have been very impressed with the job your company has done in support of our system and staff. We like the fact that you monitor the system and know of problems, even before we do and that you contact us immediately to remedy these problems. Your staff is always friendly, helpful and available to our staff. We would recommend your company for support anytime!!!!”
– Allan Grimball M.D., Internal Medicine