About Us

Ulrich Medical offers beginning to end medical billing services with an electronic health record and practice management software. We provide comprehensive claims, coding, billing and financial reporting to solo practitioners, mid-sized clinics and hospital-based groups. Look to Ulrich Medical for the complete solution for your billing and software needs. 

Our History

Ulrich Medical Concepts’ (UMC) story begins in 1999; Dr. Dennis Ulrich was running a family practice. Paper medical charts were frustrating and took up space. As his practice grew, the need for extra storage also grew. Paper charts were also beginning to create a headache for Dr. Ulrich’s office management.

Knowing there was a better way, we created it. Dr. Ulrich and his associates collaborated with practice managers, other physicians, insurance gurus, computer programmers and developers. Over the next year, they coded an electronic health record (EHR) solution with ones and zeros… Team Chart Concept (TCC) was conceived.

The road hasn’t been easy. The development and testing was an intense process. We wanted to get it right the first time. The first implantation of TCC led to an increase in productivity that exceeded our client’s expectation.

Seamlessly merging EHR and practice management, TCC has been a complete solution for healthcare information management for over 20 years.

Our clients are impressed with TCC’s power and flexibility. TCC employs a ribbon interface for innate, rapid data access. TCC also creates efficiencies in providers’ office, improving workflow, maximizing revenue and reducing overall costs associated with healthcare delivery.

Healthcare and technology are constantly evolving. At UMC, we not only recognize this, we embrace it. We’ve helped our clients adapt and grow revenues to new levels.

In 2006, we branded CorrecTek, which provides innovative medical technology aimed at increasing efficiencies, while reducing liability in correctional medicine. Serving county jails, prisons and juvenile detention centers, CorrecTek is the National Leader in Correctional EHR.

We’ve created new markets, with new thinking and strategies that embrace change. We’ve adapted to both medical and non-medical clients. When you engage with UMC, we build individualized solutions to help you.

We invite you to begin a conversation with us on how UMC can help you. Contact us for more information.