Each client receives a highly versatile EHR system, Team Chart Concept (TCC). This software will empower you, giving you the ability to instantly access and record pertinent information at the point of care.

TCC engages everyone in your office, including the clerical staff, clinical practitioners, nurses and even patients. That is why we named our software “Team Chart Concept”—every member of your staff is on the “team” to manage the patient’s “chart.” In this case, the patient’s “chart” includes all clinical, financial and scheduling information. TCC is an integrated system so that information flows instantly to the right team member at the right time.

Using our EHR your practice will enhance patient care with the seamless integration of:

From the moment a patient calls your office to schedule an appointment to the time he leaves your office, everything is tracked in TCC. With TCC, you can perform a comprehensive examination and finish patient dictation in about the same time it takes to find a paper chart.

Much like the Microsoft Office Suite of business software applications, TCC employs a ribbon-based interface for intuitive, rapid data access. TCC is as powerful as it is easy to use.

TCC also features:

    • ICD-10 Ready
    • Electronic Prescribing
    • Certified EHR Technology
    • Health Maintenance & Clinical Alerts
    • SmartCoder
    • Clinical and Business Reports
    • Customizable  Templates for Any Specialty Even Non-Medical