At Ulrich Medical Concepts (UMC), we believe in electronic health records (EHR). We believe that a well-designed, implemented and fully utilized EHR can result in:

We believe we created one of the best EHR systems available—Team Chart Concept (TCC).We believe that there is no other EHR on the market that can compete with the power and flexibility of TCC, when it comes to optimally configuring and using an EHR specifically for your practice’s maximum benefit.

Many simplistic, cookie-cutter EHRs force you into doing things their way. These EHRs may be easy to use, but offer limited feature sets. To receive the maximum benefits from TCC, you and your staff will spend a significant amount of time learning how to use the software—with the help of UMC training team.

Powerful, Flexible System

TCC is not simplistic, nor a cookie-cutter EHR. TCC is an extremely powerful, flexible, and sophisticated system. Once expertly configured for your practice, and its application and use fully understood by you and your staff, TCC will dramatically improve:

If you are willing to make the investment of time and energy on the front end, you will see the benefits many times over.

This is our philosophy at Ulrich Medical Concepts. If you find this philosophy intriguing, we are ready to help you make the transition to TCC. You will not find a better long-term value proposition with an EHR than with our EHR, the Team Chart Concept.