Integrated Practice Management

Practice management (PM) software runs the business side of healthcare, from scheduling patients to billing to generating monthly reports. Selecting the best system for your practice is crucial.

Merging electronic health records and practice management, Team Chart Concept (TCC) drives accurate patient information and business management. You don’t have to worry about selecting system that works well with an EHR. You can have the best of both worlds in one product.

TCC’s complete integration allows departments to communicate immediately, share information and more easily perform job tasks. TCC’s flexible scheduling and tailored user preferences address rigorous scheduling demands. This increases efficiencies, as well as benefits providers, rooms and equipment, optimizing the use of capital resource and staff throughout the practice.

We understand functionality is important to providers, but functionality isn’t all that we’ve got. We build relationships with our clients. Your success matters to us, as your vendor and partner.

TCC will meet your billing, collection and reporting needs.

TCC will also meet your scheduling needs. With TCC, you can easily: