TCC Features

Certified EHR software, developed, tested, approved, adopted and endorsed by physicians and their staff.

Team Chart Concept (TCC) delivers everything you need and want in an EHR. Using TCC, you can practice medicine the way you want to. Powerful and flexible, TCC was designed to adapt to your specific needs and complement how your practice functions.

  • A button-based navigation for intuitive, rapid data access and configurable workflow.
  • Integrated document management system to manage patient charts, office forms and other documents.
  • Meaningful Use functionality, helping to maximize reimbursement dollars.
  • Interfacing: communicate with labs, pharmacies, rehabilitation and post-acute care facilities.
  • Interoperability/connectivity health information exchange
  • Mobile capability: Windows Tablets
  • User Defined Records to help make everything reportable.
  • Create convenient, customized templates.
  • Full support for dictation abilities, voice and handwriting recognition.
  • Electronic Prescribing: improve medication safety, save time and enhance workflow.
  • Promote healthy outcomes through health maintenance, alerts and reminders.
  • Integrated practice management and medical billing
  • Scheduling—Multiple providers, locations and equipment
  • Reporting—Standard and ad hoc reports
  • Can be in your office or hosted in the “cloud”

As you’re committed to the long-term health of your patients, we’re committed to the long-term success of your practice. UMC deployed TCC into the ambulatory healthcare environment to streamline operations by enhancing communication, documentation, organization and workflow.